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Register now for Sixth Form and Adult Courses for September 2020.
We are still running online classes in English, Maths & IT.
Please email info@embs.ac.uk or call 07737851962 to find out more.

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Covid-19 Update

  • We are still running  English, Maths and IT classes. These are being delivered online in most cases.
  • Join one of our online classrooms to find a community of learners and an experienced teacher who is there to help you progress.
  • Classes are a mixture of online live teaching / resources to download / quizzes and questionnaires / assignments.
  • You will need a laptop or smartphone to participate in the class.
  • Our Employability services are also still running: careers advice, job coaching, CV writing all available through 121 telephone appointments.

Please email info@embs.ac.uk or call 07737851962 or complete THIS FORM to register your interest or find out more.


Welcome to EMBS Community College

At EMBS we value our welcoming and friendly environment, our caring and committed staff and our diverse and supportive student body. We work hard to develop your confidence, skill set and wellbeing.

For our young people, we have our sixth form, youth club activities and mentoring programmes. For our adults, we run English, Maths, IT & CPD courses as well as Job Coaching and Careers Advice.

We are located in Oxford and Banbury and look forward to meeting you.

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Latest News

Exciting new contract with Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund

EMBS is proud to announce that we have been awarded AMIF (Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund) funding which will allow…

29th May 2020
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Eid Mubarak

On behalf of everyone at EMBS we would like to wish everyone Eid Mubarak. We know these are extraordinary times…

21st May 2020
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Feedback from students on their online classes

It has been over a month now since we moved our classes online. Our teachers and students have risen to…

14th May 2020
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«...I not only consider EMBS a college - I also see it as my family.... »

«I arrived in this country four months ago, without any confidence in my English and really scared to be an independent person at sixteen. I didn't know what my next steps were since the education in my country is really different. One day, my aunt bought me to EMBS. At the beginning I was really insecure as I didn't even know how to use the bus and get there, it made me feel like a child surrounded by grown up people that didn’t understand me at all. Ever since I started to study here, everything negative that I used to feel has changed completely. I’ve got to meet amazing people like Jo and Jane, who took care of me and were concerned about my future. I’ve also got to make amazing friends like Aisha and Abner that always make me laugh and feel positive about life. Of course, this is not the only thing that the EMBS has given me: they also are deeply involved in my education and they help me in any way possible to achieve my purpose, which is go to university and study human rights. If I am being honest, I not only consider EMBS a college - I also see it as my family. »


«...I really enjoyed my time at EMBS, meeting so many different people and making lots of fun and happy memories.... »

«Before I came to EMBS I was very shy and often felt very awkward to start conversations with people around me, I never spoke unless I was spoken to but after a few months of being here I gained confidence and was able to communicate with other people comfortably, made good friends and feel like I knew myself. I really enjoyed my time at EMBS, meeting so many different people and making lots of fun and happy memories.»


«...The staff are really nice and friendly.... »

«Before I came to EMBS I was very shy and not confident, I used to be very afraid to speak English outside of college. But after several months, EMBS helped me to gain more confidence and especially improve my spoken and written English. The staff are really nice and friendly.»